In The Loop – September 2018

In The Loop – September 2018

3 Helpful Moving Tips

Today we want to talk about moving and I want to share with you a personal experance I’ve recently had I’ve moved from North Nanaimo to Downtown Nanaimo and I have to admit it’s opened up many doors.

  1. Tip 1 – Set a timeline.

You have to stage something in order to get them finished.

  1. Tip 2 -Sorting your possessions.

Deciding what to keep, what to donate give away or sell and lastly what to throw out. So it’s often good advise to sort have 1 pile keep, 1 pile give away, donate or sell and 1 pile throw away and go from there

  1. Tip 3 – Using out Moving Van .

The biggest thing was having the use of the Scott Parker Team Moving van. The moving van is available absolutely free of charge to all current and past clients on your moving day or even down the road. The moving van is easy to drive and has a 16’ box with automatic transmission and a pull out loading ramp for your convenience. Just give us a call, text or email.

So don’t be stressed we can help you out with your move.


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For More Information Or Questions On Buyering or Selling you’re Home,
Contact Scott Parker
Email [email protected]
Phone 250-751-1223

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